How to find the Northern Lights in Iceland

How to find the Northern Lights in Iceland

Northern Lights Iceland

I think the number one question most people have when in Iceland is “How to find the Northern Lights in Iceland”.

The Northern Lights in Iceland seem to be a popular feature on many people’s bucket lists, I know it was on mine, and I was lucky to see them on our second night there.

So what do you actually need to see the Northern Lights in iceland?

Number one – Clear sky, if it’s not then you’re not going to see anything.

Number two – Darkness away from any city lights.

Number three – No moon will give you a better view

I previously went with RE.IS , this is a trip on a coach of about 50 people, it’s cheap and will give you a good chance of seeing something as they keep in contact with the other coaches to try and head to the best spot where something is happening.

Or you can opt for the much more expensive way by booking a tour by Jeep,

Third option is to hire a car in Iceland, that way you can go when you want and have fun trying to find them yourself but you have to be careful as the weather can turn very nasty and if you don’t have experience driving in snow and ice it could be a nasty experience.

There are many different tour operators to choose from.

Buses such as www.gti.is or www.allrahanda.is Then there are private guides like www.amazingtours.is or www.tourguide.is

Of course there is a price difference between the bus tours and the jeep tours, but we are talking about absolutely two different classes of traveling.

Taking photos of the Northern Lights:

For good northern lights photos you need to be able to hold the camera steady for over 5 seconds at least and that is if you have a very good lens on your camera.

You will need a tripod – http://joby.com/ is a portable and cheap solution to your tripod needs as you can use the hood of the car or any rock to put your camera on.

I think ANY SLR on the market today is good enough for northern lights pictures so I would not worry about that aspect of it. Some good cheap tripods can be found on Amazon as well.

Iphone Apps: Yes you can also take photos of the Northern Lights using your phone. Searching the Apple Store for example, will give you some good free Apps to take photos of the Northern Lights in Iceland.

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