Win a Booking.com Voucher

Win a Booking.com Voucher

Win a £500 Booking.com voucher

This is one of the best prizes I have seen around for a while. Booking.com is offering a temporary promotion and the chance to win a £500 booking.com voucher, to be used on any of their properties listed, as long as the amount is more than £500. Let us know in the comments where you’d like to go!

To enter the competition click on the picture below

Win a £500 booking.com voucher


  1. Only open to UK residents.
  2. Only open to 18+ of age.
  3. Competition closing date: 31st March 2020
  4. Voucher needs to be used before 31st December 2021
  5. Winners will be selected in a fully randomized way by a computer software within 2 calendar months to count from the closing date of the applicable draw. Winners will be notified by mail, phone, and e-mail.
  6. Methods of entry into the competition:You can freely choose the method of participation that you like the most. The options are:a. You can participate in the sweepstake and additionally provide our Sponsors with advertisement consent. Please read the Privacy Policy for more information.
    b. You can participate in the sweepstake without providing consent for advertisement. We will gather your information for administering the sweepstake. Please read the Privacy Policy for more information.

More about Booking.com

Booking.com is a travel metasearch engine for lodging reservations. The company Booking.com is owned and operated by Booking Holdings and is headquartered in Amsterdam . Booking.com has currently over 950 000 properties listed on their website.

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  1. Tenerife

  2. Hope I win

  3. anywhere 🙂 I would love to get away with the family. due to children finishing A levels & last year at Uni we have been unable to plan something so a win would be perfect

  4. Slovenia

  5. Cuba

  6. Turkey

  7. Do well free holiday

  8. Love to visit Spain and soak up the sun!

  9. Budapest

  10. Hmm i would go to the best

  11. No holiday last year so anywhere hot will be nice!

  12. Love to win this amazing prize
    Fingers crossed x

  13. Anywhere by the sea

  14. It’s my 40th this year. Just getting away with my hubby and daughter would be magical. Happy to go anywhere. My daughter fancies Rome tho.

  15. Maldives or bora bora

  16. I would love to visit Italy

  17. I would visit France

  18. I fancy Morocco x

  19. Would love to see the northern lights.

  20. Mexico with my family would be amazing.

  21. Rotterdam

  22. Ski chalet n Austria with family and my sister’s family would be amazing

  23. Austrian alps or Germany

  24. Cyprus

  25. Anywhere warm and has a great history

  26. Hawaii

  27. Croatia

  28. I would like to take my family to the Isle of Mull

  29. So many places on my list but Costa Rica is up the top

  30. I’m going to go with a short haul – and Kalkan in Turkey

  31. mexico

  32. South of France

  33. I’d like to go to Greece

  34. Would love to visit Sweden

  35. lake Garda in Italy.

  36. I’d love to surprise my husband with a trip to Rome

  37. Maldives

  38. I would like to go to Italy

  39. Italy

  40. Canada

  41. Planning a Seychelles or Maldives trip, so it’d be well spent!

  42. Croatia

  43. Porteventura Spain

  44. Florida

  45. Greece

  46. Venice

  47. Slovenia

  48. Naples for us.

  49. Thailand

  50. Egypt!

  51. The Amalfi Coast

  52. Romania

  53. Venice

  54. Iwould love to go New York and have a fab time in this wonderful city. I would love a amazing adventure and winter walks in central park.

  55. Seyschelles

  56. majorca be nice in spring

  57. Budapest

  58. Las Vegas

  59. Spain

  60. Fantastic keeping my fingers crossed

    Liked and shared

  61. Menorca as good for kids

  62. Bali for our honeymoon after our wedding in September

  63. The Caribbean

  64. Would like to go to Italy

  65. Egypt!

  66. Malta

  67. would love to go to bali

  68. Amsterdam

  69. I would love to travel to Japan

  70. Florida

  71. Greece,Corfu

  72. Rome

  73. Really need a break after a tough year for my family

  74. Canada

  75. Costa Daurada in Spain

  76. any where please xx

  77. Florida

  78. I’d love to visit Croatia and have already seen some fabulous hotels on booking.com!

  79. Dubai would be amazing

  80. Would love to go back to Switzerland

  81. Canada

  82. Bali

  83. Mauritius

  84. Portugal

  85. I’d love to go to Prague!

  86. The Philippines!!

  87. Hawaii

  88. Fabulous I’d love to go to Cuba !

  89. Portugal as never been

  90. France

  91. New York

  92. Cuba

  93. Devon

  94. Rome

  95. japan


  97. Lake Garda , Italy

  98. Italy

  99. We’d love to go to Iceland.

  100. I’d love a fab winter holiday. Lap land with the little 1s. Or snow boardungvwith by eldest in France .

  101. New York

  102. My fiance and I would love to go to Malta.
    Neither of us have been before, and both of us would love to visit. We might even use it as our honeymoon

  103. Would love to visit South Africa

  104. Love to visit my son Phoenix Arizona….

  105. I would go to Morocco.

  106. Cyprus

  107. Iceland

  108. I would absolutely love to visit Barcelona

  109. I’d go to Southern Italy

  110. I would love to take my wife to Lake Garda . It looks so romantic

  111. Croatia

  112. I’d love to go to Dublin

  113. Belfast – would love to see the Titanic hotel

  114. I would love to go Spain cos that’s just a dream!! I wish you could make that possible for me!

  115. I’d live a break anywhere Barcelona would be fabulous or even a weekend in the lake district

  116. Austria would be fab!

  117. Amazing prize would love this for me and my partner to bring us closer fingers crossed

  118. South of France x

  119. Would visit Berlin

  120. Norway

  121. Anywhere, it’s just nice to get a break from everyday hustle & bustle & a change of scenery

  122. Turkey

  123. Florida

  124. Hawaii

  125. I would love to visit Norway!

  126. Anywhere family friendly

  127. So many places I would like to go

  128. New York

  129. South Korea

  130. UK for me

  131. Las Vegas

  132. Cuba

  133. India

  134. Perfectly homely hubby and I appear, but the spark still burns in our 43rd year.
    The glamorous stay will be sheer delight, celebrating together each day and night.

    ……..in Madeira

  135. I’d love to take my family back to belamadina or Sveti Vlas…both our apartments were booked via booking.com. love it!

  136. I would be just happy to have a lovely special weekend away anywhere will do,
    (I love to browse through the Booking.com app for ideas)
    to help my wonderful husband carry on his with his recovery from his new hip operation, so young at 55years of age but he’s doing fantastic, thankfully!
    We always book with booking.com so very trustworthy and the app is a must!

  137. Anywhere sunny would do, but if I had to choose I would pick llandudno on a sunny weekend x

  138. I would love to go to Paris ❤️

  139. I would love to go to the south of France with family xx

  140. I would love to take the grandchildren on safari to give them something they would remember for the rest of their lives and fulfil my bucket list.

  141. I’d love to see more of the UK and visit friends up and down the country.

  142. Goa

  143. We would be more than happy to go to Cornwall in August, as we would not normally be able to afford it in peak x

  144. I’d take my daughter to Bahia principe in Tenerife

  145. Bruges

  146. Barcelona would be amazing!

  147. New York here I come!!!!!

  148. Would love to go to Brighton with my sons!

  149. Rome would be great to visit

  150. Austria – Just back from skiing their would love to go back in the summer

  151. Brittany

  152. Lanzarote please

  153. Tenerife for some winter sunshine

  154. Japan in August, after the Olympics

  155. Croatia looks inviting

  156. Kos Greece

  157. Costa Rica always really appeals

  158. I would love to go to New York! It is at the top of my bucket list.

  159. I’d like a stay in london and be able to do some sightseeing and see some shows.

  160. New York

  161. Hawaii would be amazing!

  162. Costa Rica

  163. I would be very happy with a luxury hotel in Bath for a romantic weekend away!

  164. Anywhere in Greece but honeslty anywhere with sunshine!

  165. Cuba

  166. Italy

  167. I’ve always wanted to go to Santorini!

  168. Croatia

  169. Bath have wanted to go to Bath again for a long time.

  170. Jamaica

  171. Spain

  172. cornwall

  173. I’d like to go to Florida

  174. Would really love to go and explore Ireland 🙂

  175. Greece. Just Anywhere in Greece

  176. seaside

  177. Chamonix

  178. Barbados would be nice and hot

  179. I’d like to go to Wales as i’ve never been

  180. I’d love to go to Malta

  181. Barcelona

  182. would love to explore Jersey

  183. Anywhere warm where I can wander along a beach!!!

  184. Croatia

  185. Love to go to Spain

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