Free Toilet Paper

Free Toilet Paper

Free Toilet Paper

With many people struggling to get hold of toilet paper, here is a great competition to win free toilet paper. The manufacturer is giving away 120 toilet rolls! This is for people currently only in the UK.



Win toilet paper for a year

With reports world-wide of people hoarding toilet paper, many people are struggling to get hold of toilet paper. Enter and claim your free toilet paper now!

The Rules:

  1. Only open to people over the age of 18
  2. Only open to UK residents.
  3. Participation is not dependent in any way on the purchase of goods, use of paid services, and/or payment of connection charges and/or user fees for Portal Leads Ltd., the Sponsors of the Campaign, or other companies involved with the prize draw. Completing a survey or taking part in displayed offers has no influence on the chances of winning.General Provisions:1. This current site you are in, as well as the prize-draw, is owned and operated by the entity: Portal Leads Ltd., with registered address: Mason Complex 25, P.O. Box 193 The Valley, Stoney Ground, registered with the British Anguilla Company under the number 2377755. These Terms and Conditions apply to all Portal Leads Ltd.’s competitions and prize draws.

    2. One prize draw may be accessible through a number of different websites. The chances of winning will be the same for all participants.


Don’t forget to enter our competition to Win a trip to Iceland. All trips to take place after the COVID-19 pandemic is under control.

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  1. At these times of not being able to get any this is a great prize.Good luck everybody stay safe and well

  2. Great idea for a prize currently! How times change…….Good luck all : )

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