Iceland Photos and Videos

I thought I’d add some videos and photos I’d taken on our trip to Iceland. These were all filmed in December 2017, so real nice winter scenes in Iceland.

The below video was filmed in Helludalur valley, Geysir Iceland. We had a lovely cottage there.

The weather was really cold, and one thing I had not taken into account was how the cold affected batteries. Within a few minutes my drone’s battery had almost drained and I had to bring the drone back to me as quickly as possible. This is also something I noticed with my iPhone; my phone, fully charged, exposed to the cold would only last about 20 minutes before going flat.

As you can see below, I have posted my flight log for the drone in the above video, showing the air temperature at the time.

We stayed just around the corner from the Geysir visitors centre, so we spent some time there as well. Below is a video of Strokkur erupting, which it does at very regular intervals.

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