Holidays in Crete
Island of Crete, Greece. By ISS Expedition 28 crew - NASA Earth Observatory, Public Domain

Holidays in Crete

Choosing the Destination

We were recently looking for holidays in Crete, and decided to do what we normally do and look for some affordable villas in Crete.

For those of you who have read my previous posts would know, we like the idea and flexibility of self-catering accommodation. We use various online portals to find a cheap holiday villa, and Booking.com is one of my favourite places to search. (We use booking.com so often that I’m on the highest genius level possible, giving me great discounts).

So bearing that in mind, we looked for a lovely place to stay.  We found this beautiful villa to stay in. It is the lovely Villa Aloni which is situated in the gorgeous little hamlet of Máza in the Fílippos area.

If you would like to find out more about the beautiful Villa Aloni, just click on the picture below.

Villa Aloni Máza, Fílippos Crete

Villa Aloni was voted in the top 10 Villa holidays in Crete in the January 2017 edition of The Telegraph newspaper, so we were delighted to find this property was available, so our mind was made up for our next holidays in Crete.

How do I get cheap holidays?

Now as many readers will know, I try and find the best value for money when it comes to going on holiday. Useful flight tools I use are  SkyScanner and Google Flights, to find the cheap flights for my holiday in Crete.

I also look on sites such as TripAdvisor to find what travellers recommend when it comes to things such as cheap car hire in Crete. I like to hear what they have experienced. Very often you will get a local giving advice as well. TripAdvisor gave me great ideas what to do for my holidays in Crete. I will be sharing some great tips and tricks which we learnt in Crete. This means you can enjoy your holiday as much as possible, and not have to worry about finer details.

Please do let me know in the comments if you have been to Crete, and if you would return.

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